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Me: So tomorrow is definitely a hat day [I have bright blue, very visible hair that would make me stand out in a crowd], because I might get arrested tomorrow.
Mom: Don't get arrested.
Me: Well obviously I'm not going to *try* to get arrested. It's not like I'm going to go run up to a cop tomorrow and threaten him and call him a fucking pig, only to be pepper sprayed and sent to jail!
Mom: I don't care, just don't get arrested.
Me: You do realize that getting arrested isn't the end of the world right? It's not like I'm instantly some sort of felon who will never get a job again, like the media wants you to believe. No, at most, I'll get a ticket for something along the lines of disorderly conduct... which many people get on the weekends for being drunk and dumb. Their lives weren't ruined by it.
Mom: Don't get arrested.
Me: You do realize that they randomly kettle people and mass arrest them right?
Mom: Don't get arrested.
Me: Well the only way to guarantee that I won't be arrested is by not protesting, and I refuse to do that on principle. They want you to be too afraid to speak up... hence the armies of riot gear police and random kettling of people to be sent to jail.
Mom: Don't get arrested.
Me: Well anyways, I'm going tomorrow after work and class. You know me. I don't back down. I'm my father's daughter...
Mom: Don't get arrested.
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